February 2016
Peter & Beatrice
Let's Get To Know You A Little
5. What do you do in your spare time?
both scuba dive and ski and go to a lot of live gigs - Peter rides motorcycles and Beatrice horses
6. What's your favorite food?
BBQ'd steak
7. What's your favorite movie?
American Graffiti / Thelma & Louise
8. What's your favorite sport?
Tennis to watch
Now For Some Fun Ones
9. What are the 3 things in your house that you could not live without?
Our cats, our internet connection for Outcast, music
10. Do you sing in the shower?
Peter doesn't - Beatrice does when Peter's not there
11. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
The Flintsones
The Basic's
1. What is Youre name?
Peter Sampson & Beatrice Turler
2. Where do You live?
Manchester, England
3. How long have you been listening to Outcast?
six months
4. How did you hear about outcast?