February 2012
Nash and Monica
Let's Get To Know You A Little
5. What do you do in your spare time?
tv,computer,ride odessye's,camping,listing to outcast radio
6. What's your favorite food?
Nash-Chinese / Monica- Mexican
7. What's your favorite movie?
Nash- so many! / Monica- Dirty Dancing
8. What's your favorite sport?
Monster Trucks (is Quarters a sport?)
Now For Some Fun Ones
9. What are the 3 things in your house that you could not live without?
Nash- Monica,tools,whiskey! Monica- Nash,computer,animals.
10. Do you sing in the shower?
11. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
Nash- Thunder Cats Monica - Chip-n-Dale (Not the Dancers...the chipmunks)
The Basic's
1. What is Youre name?
Nash and Monica
2. Where do You live?
Golden Valley , Az.
3. How long have you been listening to Outcast?
Since before the beginning.
4. How did you hear about outcast?
Velinda told Monica about it at work